When I first met Meiyuan Zhou, he was on his high school, a
confident and nice tall slim boy. He gave me a brief introduction that
he is learning painting. After, I saw some of his paintings, is
Traditional Chinese Painting of Song and Yuan dynasties, on landscape,
flowers and birds. It is very impressed for the elegant and quaint




  On university, he insisted on practice on Traditional Chinese
Painting, with the spirits of the Song and Yuan dynasties. That spirits
is nature in heart, care for humanity, which became to part of his art
theory. And it is this theory, has a profound influence on his oil




  It is 13 years from first meet with him till now. Today he is an
artist cooperates with a well-known art institution. One can feel
elegant and quaint from all his realistic oil paintings. He is not only
depicts what he find, but Integrates the spirits Poetic, Peace Humanity
from Song and Yuan dynasties, to all his paintings. I believe this
originated from his remarkable artistic talent and nutrients from years
of practice of Song and Yuan paintings. What is particularly commendable
is no Impetuous, hypocrisy and fuss in his paintings.


威尼斯在线官网,  他常说:后生可畏幅好画,一定是小编先具备触动,然后再将把团结感动过的那某个表现出来,独有打动得了和煦的事物手艺确实感染别人,夫子之道忠恕而已矣,勿施于人。作者相信他是对的!


  He always say a good painting, the painter must be first moved, then
show them out. What moved your-self can really infects others. Do as you
would be done by others, I believe he was right!

  (詹建俊 中中原人民共和国水墨画学会名望主席,中央美院教学卡塔尔国


  Song Huimin and His Art

  I am engaged in the antiques and art works collection for nearly 20
years. In some of the meetings, I teach knowledge on art collection and
appreciation, many famous artists are my friends. However, I feel lucky
I know Meiyuan zhou, a young, outstanding artist many years ago. Through
his painting works, I truly understand the essence of art eternal it is
naturally love on nature and human!

  Along with the development of China Oil Painting Society (COPS) more
than ten years, the mutual understanding and friendship between Song
Huimin and I have been strengthened greatly due to the frequent Society
activities and working contact. Song Huimin always keeps a close eye on
the development of China oil painting industry. As long as there is job
demand, he will definitely come all the way from the Northeast area
regardless of all hardships and then devote to the work with great
enthusiasm. He has the qualities of Northeasterners, being honest and
kind, warmhearted, righteous and straightforward, which deeply impressed
me and other people in COPS. We all get along very well with each other.

  As an artist, his artwork is a mirror of himself. The mental outlook
and taste orientation indicated in his artworks are not only perfectly
reflecting his original character and spirit, but also are the root
sources to form his artistic individuality and style of the paintings.
Appreciating Songs artworks, especially his landscape paintings
Boundlessness, As Old As Time and portrait painting The Holy Mountain,
etc, I clearly realize that he is an artist who is pursuing the ultimate
target i.e. the pursuit of truth, the goodness and the beauty.
Furthermore, he is also an artist with abundant life experience and
vivid emotional feelings, who has passion for life and nature. As he
said, he could feel the everlasting and perpetual dignity, ever-changing
miracles and sweetness from the eternity and moment of the nature.
Thanks to his continuous focus on the humanity history, careful
observation of human beings inner side and mental world and his deep
emotional understanding toward life, he has created a series epic and
spirit-filling oil painting artworks through merging, reconstruction and
his lyric way of expression. These artworks, with the dramatic and
magnificent sceneries full of enthusiastic, straightforward and excited
emotions, have manifested his profound thinking toward nature and life
as well as his persistent pursuit to the noble spirit.

  Song Huimins personality toward arts has also been indicated in his
pursuit and use of oil painting languages. He requested all important
elements of oil painting languages used in his artworks must closely
adhere to the mental and spiritual expression. The language condition of
the pictures, including the elements of layout, color and painting
method, are varied in plenty ways as the different demonstrating
purposes requested by different artworks, which enable audiences to
experience the unique emotional feelings. I have noticed that the light
and color used in his paintings have always been taken care with
distinguishing features, we could always see a shaft of sunlight in his
paintings, sometimes on the treetops, while sometimes on the top of
mountains or on the clouds. The sharp contrast shaped by black and
white, cold and warm color constantly impressed people with its great
charm. As Song always holds on his belief to create classic artworks and
pursue to the prefect, he never satisfied by what he has achieved,
instead, he keeps concentrating on his art exploration and never stop.
As a result, he has created and demonstrated to the world his classic
artworks again and again featuring with his vivid artistic expression
and great artistic value.

  We know Songs whole life could not be separated with Lunxun Academy
of Fine Arts (LAFA). He is with LAFA from attached middle school to the
college, initially being a teacher, then department head, president,
party secretary and president of the academy and after then his long
time service as a mentor. Song has thrown great emotion and energy into
his alma mater. A group of outstanding talents, some of whom have
already been recognized as the well-known expert in oil painting field,
are brought up under his cultivation. What is also marvelous achieved by
him is that he has built a team for panorama creation in LAFA, which is
playing an indispensable role in panorama development and innovation of
China. Not only has this teams works won the national First Award in Art
and Science and Golden Award of National Art Exhibition, but also has
this team enjoyed a high reputation and being influential in the
worldwide. Once the President Storm of International Panorama
Association (IPA) has said in the 13th convention of IPA LAFAs panorama
works made the record-breaking achievement after US and Germany,
therefore, they deserve to be treated with great respect Song Huimin, as
the founder and leader of this team, is absolutely the essential one to
make this unprecedented achievement realized.

  Song is a sincere and modest person in his daily life, while he is
passionate and dedicated to his works. He performs industriously on his
art-pursuing way. What is showing to us through his spirit and
achievements is a man with noble personality and a talented artist with
valuable and charming character.

  I appreciate his character as well we I appreciate his art.

  I wish him every success with my heart and soul.

  (Zhan Jianjun, honorary president of China Oil Painting Society,
professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts)